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Items we carry for your next project!

Mulch, Stone, Sand, Decorative Gravel, Mushroom Soil and Screened Top Soil: by the Yard and the Bag!

 Also, we carry Potting Soil in bags and 100% Cypress Mulch in 2 ft cu Bags, on Sale! $3.50 Bag 

FIREWOOD: In stock now! Hardwood, cut 16-18"! Seasoned!  Call for pricing and delivery!

 New Item: Tru-Wood Hardwood Premium Heating Pellets 40# bags. (Pellet Stove Fuel) $5.99 Bag

New Item: Envi Blocks, (Firewood Replacement!) for use in Fire Pits, Campfires, Wood Stoves, Fireplace and Wood Burners!

Safe to cook with and heat your home! Very little ash, no dirt, no bugs, no glues. Burns Hot! (8,000 BTU/lb =/-)  $3.55 per 6 pk

New Items: Metal Fire Pits (Buck Stove Co. & Landman) & Fire Geni (Wood Pellet Fire Pit), Metal Fire Rings and Stone Fire Rings

           Landscape Materials: Railroad Ties, Landscape Timbers, Grass Seed (1#, 3#, 10# & 25#)

Spreaders, Fertilizer, Typar Weed Barrier, Straw Mats & Bales, Fence Rails and more.

           Lawn Control: Kleenup Weed Killer, Eraser Weed Preventer, Triad Select and Fertilizer.

          Landscape Tools: Garden & Leaf Rakes, Spades, Flat & Barn Shovels, Brooms, Mulch Forks, Pitch Forks, Digging Irons and Edgers.

          Bird Seeds and Feeds: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Wild Finch Blend, Nut & Fruit Blend, Songbird Blend, Wild Bird Feed, and Choice Blend. Various sized bags.

          Watering Items: Water Hose, Hose Hangers, Nozzsels and Sprinklers.

          Poly and Wood Furniture: Fan Back Chairs, Benches, Gliders, Tables and Rockers. 

          Fish and Pond Supplies:  Fish Food Pellets & Flakes, Algae Fix, Pond Treatments and Water Pumps.

          Concrete Lawn Ornaments:  Animals, Birds, Benches and Bird Baths. Painted and Un-painted.

Special Sale Items: 

Wooden Picnic Table 6 ft w/bench attached Sale! $145

Bird Baths & Concrete Bench's SALE! 25% off listed price.

Metal Fire Rings Round: (Rolled Steel)  8" h x 27" = $42  *        *  16" h x 27" = $74.25 

Stone Fire Pits, Grey & Tan: Sale!  $69 per 18 pc ring!

Starting November 4, 2019, all sales will be by appointment only. Call 717-336-1906 

Come in and check out our store for these and other up-coming items! We can't wait to see you!

Make an appointment today for you next Mulch, Stone or Firewood Delivery!


Seasoned, Hardwood, Cut 16 - 18", Split!

Sold by the Scoop!

Call for prices!   717-336-1906