100% Pure Cypress Mulch! 

2 cu ft per bag! A Unique Mulch for that special flower bed, tree base or shrub location!

$3.99 Each!

We carry Stone and Sand by the YARD or Bag! 

Pocono Gravel 1/2", 3/4" & 1-3"

Grey 2-A Modified 1/2",    3/4" Clean & Screenings

Red Stone Crushed 1/2" & 3/4"

Maryland Gravel 1/2" & 3/4" 

White Crushed Artic 3/4"

Bar / Mason Sand

Concrete Sand

Rail Road Ties!

Tru-Wood Premium Hardwood Heating Pellets (40# Bags)

BTU/lb = 7900 to 8400!

Very Clean - Very little dirt, dust or ash.

No chemicals, additives or toxins.

Low moisture! All the mass is directly converted to HEAT! 

Made from recycled Hardwood sawdust and shavings.

Very low percentage of fines, safer to burn.

Renewable fuel source.

For use in Pellet Burning stoves and Flame Geni outdoor fire pits.

Packed in 40# bags,          50/40 bags per skid = ton .

Mulch by the Yard and Bag!

Black Dyed

Brown Dyed

Red Dyed (Spring Season Only)


Pure Bark

Nature Blend


Mushroom Soil

Screened Top Soil

Un-Screened top Soil (Pre-order )

Metal Fire Pits

Buck Stove Company

Concrete Lawn Ornaments

We have Animals, Birds, Benches and Bird Baths.

Painted and Unpainted.

Fish and Pond Supplies


Seasoned Hardwood!

Cut 16 - 18" Split!

Sold by the scoop!

Call for prices!

Landscape Tools

Lawn Control Items

Landscape Materials

Poly Furniture

Bird Seeds and Feeds

Grass Seed, Spreaders and Fertilizers

 Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Flame Geni

#1 Ties 7" x 9" x 8.5 ft (At least 3 Good Sides and Good Ends)

#2 Ties 7" x 9" x 8.5 ft  (At least 2 Good Sides)

#1 Ties 6" x 8" x 8.5 ft  (At least 3 Good Sides and  Good Ends)

Envi Blocks, The Friendly Firewood! (Firewood Replacement!)

Longer Burn Times! 8,000 BTU =/- Per Pound!

Less Mess: No Bark, bugs, mold, dirt or fungus.

Saves Time! No cutting, seasoning, stacking or splitting firewood. 

Less Creasote, residue and partical emissions! Burns very clean.

Less Ash! Less than .5%!

More Heat! High Density - low moisture.

For use in: Campfires, Fireplaces, Wood Burning Stoves and Fire Pits!

Made from recycled Hardwood sawdust and shavings. No Glues or additives.

6 blocks per pack (aprox 20#)     100 6/packs per skid. 

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Fish Food Pellets and Flakes

Tank and Pond Water Pumps

AlgaeFix & Algaecide, qt and gal

Pond Treatments